Reusable Face Masks – O2 Case Study

We have all found ourselves in changing times during the COVID 19 crisis. We have a division of our business that ‘usually’ manufactures towels; beach towels, golf towels, bar towels etc. Unsurprisingly the demand for these products reduced during the lockdown, so we set our minds to think of a new product to utilise our weaving expertise and machinery. We are now making 100% cotton face masks, reusable and washable, supplied plain or branded.

Our client owns and manages twenty one O2 phone retail stores across the North West. As part of their risk assessment to allow the team to go back to work, it was deemed beneficial to give each member of staff 3 – 5 reusable & washable masks.

The premium 100% cotton fabric was woven with the O2 logo and then made into the reusable masks, each one with an internal metal wire to flex the contour of the nose for secure fitting.

Woven branded reusable face mask made from 100% cotton
The finished mask